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The relationship between Art, Mental Health and Physical illness is explored in my work. My purpose in my art is to portray the true psychological state of an individual’s experience and to facilitate the viewer finding a connection with it and their own personal experiences. Since we are all interconnected, we can often find similarities and relatable experiences that we did not expect, and can convey them, especially through art.


I channel my emotions through my artwork to create my own reality, becoming more aware of one’s self. I endeavour to act as a catalyst to impact the lives of others, as well as my own. Creating sensation in my art making is designed to strongly evoke melancholy, and to provide a transition into states of joy and pleasure. This dualism is the foundation of my practice, being in two dimensions simultaneously, connecting the internal forces with the external; from sadness to joy bringing form into one painting. The perception of memories is designed to evoke the sensations of what we feel, see and hear in our realities, which can give rise to new forms of traditional art imagery. 


I have used ‘art as therapy’ for many years and have always found it gave me a positive outlook on life, especially through periods of uncertainty. Since changing my career direction from IT Consultant to Artist, I once defined my identity by my profession and discovered this was merely a mask. This liberating experience exposed vulnerabilities in ways, which was unexpected. 

"Shall I? Shouldn’t I? Should I be here, here in this space?" These were questions I asked myself which came from fear, fear of being exposed and vulnerable to the unknown. However it is at these very times when the true beauty is born, our fears become our strengths and the unknown becomes the bonds we create with others through connections and empowerment.


Born in East London to Guyanese parents and living in the Middle East for 2 years, long have I felt a strong connection with my surroundings and realise how important it is to have a sense of belonging. Engaging with people from all backgrounds is also paramount to my life experiences and a constant reminder of the disparities that are so evident in our communities. The need for identity, space, belonging and a level of acceptance and appreciation is apparent in all, irrespective of who you are and where you come from. Having art as an outlet of expression, allows one to express and embody one’s true essence, while bringing voices to the unheard and the unseen.


Based in east London, I am currently working with various organisations around mental health and childhood trauma.

“Creativity is a resistance to oppression: it is the refusal of victimhood and helplessness. Creating something new is an act of defiance in the face of destruction” (Marie Smith, 2002) 

"Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again" (Gautama Buddha)



Group Exhibitions:

Art Number23 - Forces - London - March 2020


Wotisart - Featured Artist, Online Publication March 2020


Rethink Mental Health - Featured Artist, Online Publication July 2020

Void Collective - London - Jan 2021

Solo Exhibition:

Marvelous Art Gallery – Istanbul – Online Exhibition May 2020


2019-2020 - MA Fine Art - UEL 


2018 - Foundation Art Therapy - Metafora Art School, Barcelona


1994-1997 - BA (Hons) Human Geography & Environmental Policy - South Bank University

Further Qualifications:

Certified Therapeutic Art Coach


Diploma L3 Psychotherapy


L3 ILM(Institute of Leadership & Management)


Prince 2 Practitioner

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